Homily: 6th Sunday in Ordinary time Homily: 6th Sunday in Ordinary time

Homily: 6th Sunday in Ordinary time

Sunday 17 February 2019

Archbishop Peter A Comesoli

St Luke’s version of the Beatitudes is quite different from those of Matthew, the ones we more commonly hear. Unlike Matthew who wrote his gospel for Jewish Christians, Luke was writing to gentile converts – many of whom were slaves, or foreigners or low born. Becoming followers of Christ had only exacerbated their situation. So, for them to hear ‘blessed are the poor’, without the ‘in spirit’ added, was to hear from God a powerful word of support and encouragement.

Homily: 5th Sunday in Ordinary time

Sunday 10 February 2019

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli

Beginnings matter. The annual parade of ‘first day of school’ photos that appear on Facebook at the end of January is testimony of this. The best I saw this year was a ‘then and now’ compilation from friends of mine with three children who have recently returned to Australia. The two photos – one of 5 years ago in another country, and the other now – were similarly staged. But there was the delight of different uniforms, changed faces, and a new day dawning. Beginnings – even small, personal ones – matter.

Homily: 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Sunday 3 February 2019

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli

The story of Jesus escape from the angry mob in today’s gospel used to puzzle me. How could he have simply walked away through a crowd supposedly hell-bent on trowing him over a cliff? This remained a puzzle until someone pointed out to me that glass widows didn’t exist in Jesus’ time. Glass windows, you might ask? What’s that got to do with things? To explain, we need to recall last Sunday’s gospel.

Homily: Christmas Day

Wednesday 25 December 2018

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli
There’s a scene towards the end of the first Jurassic Park movie where the intrepid scientists come across a nest of cracked-open egg shells. All the dinosaurs were supposed to be sterile, so no hatched eggs should have been possible. But there they were; birth had occurred. As the Jeff Goldberg character put it: “Life will find a way.”