Funeral Mass of Father Robert Francis Coghlan Celebrated by Archbishop... Funeral Mass of Father Robert Francis Coghlan Celebrated by Archbishop...

Funeral Mass of Father Robert Francis Coghlan Celebrated by Archbishop...

Wednesday 4 April 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,We are gathered to farewell the soul of a dedicated and generous priest, Father Robert Francis Coghlan, who died at St John of God Hospital, nine days before his eightieth birthday, on the Saturday before Palm Sunday. He was already in the 80th year of his age and the 53rd year of his priesthood, at that time resident at Rice Village here in Geelong where he was born and nurtured. Together with his sister Norma, his niece Anne and his family, we priests and people of the Archdiocese pay tribute to Father Bob's gentle, compassionate use of the priesthood of Jesus...

Easter Sunday Mass celebrated at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne

Sunday 1 April 2018

“I am risen and I am with you. Alleluia!”

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral as we celebrate the greatest feast of our Church Year. This is indeed the day the Lord has made. We rejoice because Christ is risen from the dead and through Baptism he has given us his risen life. Each year we celebrate the resurrection because we know that we are always destined for higher things.

Easter Vigil homily preached at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne

Saturday 31 March 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

After our long Easter Vigil we come on the first morning with Mary of Magdala and the other Mary to the tomb and encounter the angels who tell the startling story that Jesus is risen.

Briefly we have meditated on the origin of light from fire. The Easter candle shows us that Christ yesterday, today, is the beginning and the end. All times and seasons belong to him forever. His holy and glorious wounds protect us because he is Christ the Lord, the light of the world.

Mass of the Chrism celebrated at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne

Tuesday 27 March 2018

With humble joy on this 17th occasion as Archbishop, I welcome my brother bishops, diocesan and religious priests, migrant chaplains and you, the people of God, to this Mass of the Chrism. The oils for use in the conferral of the sacraments will be blessed and the Sacred Chrism consecrated.

Each of us is anointed in baptism and again in confirmation. The special anointing with chrism for priesthood and episcopate commits us priests and bishops to be faithful witnesses of the salvation Jesus won for the world.

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