Blessing of extensions to Saint Michael’s School, Ashburton

Thursday 19 October 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am very proud to be with you at Saint Michael’s to bless these new facilities.

My friend Father Laurence Cortez, parish priest, who served so generously in the Diocese since his ordination, our wonderful Principal, Marisa Matthys, and to all of you I extend a welcome and my joy at being with you at this significant development of the school.

As I join with you for this special celebration I pay my tribute to all who have worked on this new project and to Marisa Matthys, members of staff and the present young people who have put up with the inconvenience that any work naturally provides.

The name of Saint Michael’s is ‘who is like God?’ It is highly significant I think that your parish school is alive to the urgings of the Spirit, guided by our faith and traditions that show in a very human real way that our Catholic faith is a following of Jesus.

We know that our God loved us in a real way because we can know and relate to God, who is divine and human, in Jesus. Through regular prayer each day at school and at home, through regular sacramental life, especially Saturday night or Sunday Mass and the teaching and living of the faith, we are formed so that Jesus is our friend and guide throughout our life.

The wide range of curriculum in the school helps us to develop our academic, spiritual, physical, emotional and social gifts. As a Catholic school, of course, we are invited to be compassionate and committed to the service of others.

As I prepared for this occasion I looked at the various websites and I saw the wonderful variety of academic, spiritual and sporting activities which characterise Saint Michael’s and I would leave you with the encouraging idea that a follower of Jesus Christ is always a person, not turned in on self, but there for others. This example is given by your priest and teachers, by parents who bring their young people to the school and who support it with their activities and love.

A Christian is someone who is aware of the needs of others and reaches out to them. We are all working together; parents, teachers, leaders, young people, to develop the very best vision of possibilities for our young people and to lead and guide them on the way to future life and joy.

Whenever I have been here I have always admired the wonderful spirit and friendliness that exists at Saint Michael’s and I thank you for all that you continue to do.

May Saint Michael, the Archangel, pray for us and bring us to the Lord.

+ Denis J. Hart,
Archbishop of Melbourne.
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