Blessing of the Performing Arts Centre at Catholic Regional College, Melton, Tuesday 5 Ma 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In his special Encyclical Letter on the Redemption, ope John Paul II quoted Saint Irenaeus:  “The glory of God is human beings fully alive.”  The reality of this Performing Arts Centre is a very special indication of the wide range of gifts and abilities which can be developed here at Catholic Regional College.  In addition to the traditional subjects of English, Maths, Science, Technology, Psychology, Philosophy, History and Languages, Sport, the rise of creative and performing arts in our College is indicative in itself of the wide range of abilities which can be detected and developed in the lives of our young people.

If we are to be fully alive, as Saint Irenaeus suggests we should be, then we should choose activities which help our humanity to develop in all its aspects:  music, poetry, song, drama; all these things free us from our own uncertainties and give yet another range of people the opportunity to use their gifts.

We believe that human beings are made in the image and likeness of God and our development of talents, whether in our school subjects or in musical, artistic and creative studies, is all an invitation to enrich our world with the gifts which God has given us.  Openness and generosity, ability to see and encourage the remarkable gifts which some people have is for me always a joy to see what the knowledge and love of Christ and respect for the dignity of each human person can in fact bring about.

I congratulate Mr Sheehan, the builder, the architect and all the school leaders for their ability to conceive this great possibility and for the opportunity which it provides.  Congratulations to all of you here at Catholic Regional College.  I am very proud of you and of what you are doing.

May this be a place of inspiration, encouragement and discovery and may Catholic Regional College long be a place of wonder, opportunity, love of Jesus Christ, and sharing of our abilities in others made in his image and likeness.

+ Denis J. Hart,

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