Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Terence Curtin and Bishop Mark Edwards at St Patrick’s Cathedral - Wednesday 17 December 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In the ordination of bishops the Spirit of the Lord is given to bring good news to the poor and bind up hearts that are broken, to proclaim a year of favour, to comfort those who mourn.  (Isaiah 61:1-3, passim)

Our brothers, Terence Curtin and Mark Edwards, come forward to be touched by the Spirit, to proclaim the new order mentioned by Jesus in his call to love one another and to be renewed in a world made new.

Bishop Terry comes supported by his sister-in-law, Patricia, niece Rebecca and nephews Michael and Patrick.  Bishop Mark has present his father, Graham, and mother, Tineke, and his brothers and sister, Keith, Karen and Don.

Both come forward to serve among us in the Archdiocese and as members of the College of Bishops in the Universal Church.

Every bishop living in communion with the See of Peter and with his brother bishops has the threefold mission given by Jesus as teacher, priest and pastor.  They will be the 17th and 18th bishops appointed as Auxiliaries in this Archdiocese since its foundation in 1848.  Through the Gospel they will preach the truth.  In their search for holiness they will lead the people of God to reach out to the Saviour and to be transformed, and as shepherds they will walk confidently alongside people with a compassionate heart. 

Every bishop faces the anxieties and expectations of today’s world by announcing the word of truth and life as a harbinger of hope, which rests on the surety of God’s promises, because the Father has called us to a living hope through the resurrection of Christ.  (1 Peter 1:3)

This hope which trusts totally in God is the ability to make history through the power of the Gospel so that in the words of Diognetus, “Christians may be in the world what the soul is in the body”.  Hope sharpens the bishop’s missionary spirit and consequently his creativity and initiative.  As Mary hoped in the birth of the Redeemer, we too hope, remember and persevere, looking for the day of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Bishop Curtin came to the Seminary after secondary education at Saint Kevin’s College.  After some time at Corpus Christi College he went to the Pontifical Urban College in Rome, obtaining a Doctorate in Theology from the Gregorian University.  He has worked in religious education, as head of school in Australian Catholic University, Head of the Systematic Theology Department in Catholic Theological College, Master of the Theological College, parish priest of Greythorn, and President of the Melbourne College of Divinity.  More recently in his work as Episcopal Vicar for the Eastern Region, he has shown renowned compassion for people, graced with the sound knowledge of theology and love of the Church.  The crozier that he will use is that of Cardinal James Knox, renewed for the Forty-first International Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia in 1976.

After his birth in Indonesia, Bishop Edwards studied at Saint Leonard’s primary school, Glen Waverley, and Mazenod College, before obtaining a Bachelor of Science from Monash University.  He entered the Oblates in 1980 and after his final profession he was ordained a priest here in the Cathedral on 16th August 1986.  The crozier which he will use is that of Archbishop Little who ordained him.  He has been involved in teaching at Mazenod College in Melbourne and teacher and Rector at Iona College, Brisbane, as well as being Master of aspirants, of novices, at Saint Mary’s Seminary and lecturer at Catholic Theological College.  Bishop Mark brings great gifts of intellect, respect for people, leadership and a clear vision of the love of Jesus and Mary in Catholic life.

These men come forward to be ordained bishops.  I welcome them as brothers and collaborators.  I know that all of us here pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit in their life, so that they will be one with us in nourishing our journey on our way to the Father. 

May they watch over the whole flock in which the Holy Spirit appoints them to govern the Church of God and share in the mission of Jesus Christ, whose office of teacher, priest and shepherd they will discharge, knowing always that it is the Holy Spirit who gives life to the Church and by his power strengthens us in our weakness.

May they serve the people of God with love and compassion for many years.

+ Denis J. Hart,


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