Mass for the staff of the Archdiocese

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The readings at Mass today give us a vision of God’s work, both theoretical and practical. John’s own vision of the holiness of God, of the four animals which are traditionally represented as the four evangelists and whose images can be seen on the floor of this sanctuary, are a reminder that God is holy, he exists and will remain forever in the person of Jesus Christ. His glory and honour and power and sustenance of all that we have and are become personal in the relationship which we develop with him.

So today, because God has chosen us for the special work that we do for him, we acknowledge that the talents he gives us are to be used in the service of people.

The Gospel does give us a particular example of how we can draw others to the love of Jesus which we have known. Jesus loves and understands us, he carries us along our journey and despite our frailty he helps us to know the tremendous value of our gifts and talents for which I, as Archbishop, thank you as you serve the Archdiocese so generously.

The Gospel is very practical; we have gifts, we have to make a profit. Rather I would say that we have gifts and these can be used in all sorts of ways. It was Saint Francis who said: “Preach often and if necessary use words,” to determine the force of the example which we give and why I am proud to say that people often say to me that working here in the Archdiocese is wonderful because of the wonderful people we work with and the things we share and the works we do selflessly for people.
May our nearness to Jesus and our strength and vision build up the service that we render to people.

This last week of the Church year makes us think about things of eternity and the frailty of human existence. May we carry with us a capacity for remembering those who work with us and an invitation to show to the world the reason for the hope that is in us, the joy of the Gospel which is offered without fear or favour, generously, lovingly, as life for the world.

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