Ordination of priests and deacons for the Divine Word Order at Saint Paschal’s chapel, Box Hill, on Saturday, 31st October 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today we stand with Marianus Supardi, SVD, and Uili Uvea, SVD, for priesthood and Michael Wu Pengfei, SVD, Anthony Li, SVD, and Laurensius Anselmus W. Woda, SVD, for diaconate where, surrounded by the love of their natural and religious families, they come forward into the wonderful mystery by which God calls them to Orders to serve the people of God.

It can be said that they are formed by the Word of God and by response to a missionary vocation so that the Church will be built up and the love of God will be brought to those who have not as yet known it and it will be deepened in their hearts and in their lives.

I thank their parents and their brothers and sisters for giving these men to the Church and God’s people.  While there will be times of separation, by your charity and self-giving you will have an articulate family member working to help the people of today to engage with the Gospel.

These young men have been well formed in their Divine Word vocation and will go forward with confidence, trusting in the Lord.  What is before them the Lord only knows.  However, he is their strength and their shield; he helps them to know that their words and deeds will carry them forward into the special vocation of priesthood or diaconate to which they are called in today’s ceremony.

By the imposition of hands and the gift of the Holy Spirit they will be given the grace and strength needed to carry out the ministry which is given to them among the ordained, so that conformed to Christ the Priest they will be given in the Church for the salvation of all.

 + Denis J. Hart,



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