Mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne Mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne

Mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne

Sunday, 28 August 2016

“God in your goodness you have made a home for the poor.”
(Psalm 67, Verse 11)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have just read the Gospel story where Jesus presents an unconditional invitation to a feast without any expectation of return. How this cuts across our conceptions of social life and our expectation of getting something back for everything we do. Humility or the truth about ourselves is something that we find seems to elude us.

Blessing of the Statue of Saint Patrick at the Mary Glowrey Building, Australian Catholic University, Fitzroy

Thursday 25 August 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I warmly congratulate the University leaders, the artists and so many others, who have had the foresight to install this statue of Saint Patrick, our patron, here in the Mary Glowrey building.

A statue is a reminder of a person. Saint Patrick as a young man was exiled to Roman Gaul and as a teenager, after he heard the Lord’s call, he walked with great courage until he found a ship to take him to Ireland.

Mass celebrated at Saint Bernard’s College, Essendon

Friday, 19 August 2016

My dear young Friends,

Every one of us here at Saint Bernard’s is united in a common endeavour. We are seeking to recognise and develop the gifts of young people as they go forward to the next stages in their life. Whether in maths or sciences, arts, English or history, computers, philosophy, sport or whatever human endeavour, we immediately realise the great diversity of gifts which people have.

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