Address given by Archbishop Denis Hart at the farewell Mass for Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen, in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Tonight we come to farewell a bishop, a brother, a leader in the work of the Gospel. This farewell is particularly poignant because after arriving in Australia by boat in challenging circumstances, redolent of so many migrants who were fleeing violence and terror, Bishop Vincent has made Melbourne his home since 1980.

Mass for the Members of the Guild of Saint Stephen

Friday, 27th May 2016

My dear young Friends,

I rejoice to be with you at Mass today because the Mass is the most important meeting that we have with our God. When Jesus faced his death on the cross He thought up a wonderful way by which He could be with us. In changing bread and wine, separately because of his death, into his Body and Blood, He is able to be with us every time we celebrate Mass.

Funeral Mass of Father Ross Mckenney at Saint Joseph's Church, Elsternwick

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today we come to farewell a devoted pastor, a brother priest who loved his people and had a deep appreciation of the seriousness of the priesthood. Indeed, gravitas and facility with words, as well as the way he wove sentences together with expression and development, are very characteristic of him. He used his great abilities always in the service of his people, and in reflecting the love of his mother, Catherine, of his siblings and family and particularly, of the parochial and Jesuit education which he had received.

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