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Planted and built up in Jesus Christ- Pentecost Letter 2011

Thursday 9 June 2011

"Give me somewhere to stand"

The ancient Greek philosopher, Archimedes, is said to have declared:

"Give me somewhere to stand, and I will move the earth."

He was claiming that if you had a lever long enough, and somewhere to place a fulcrum, and (most importantly) "somewhere to stand" at the other end, you could "move the earth".

These days, everyone seems to be talking about “taking a stand”. And they offer many different options: peace, justice, the environment. But to take a stand, you need solid ground under your feet. You need a foundation for your life that is dependable and secure.

In fact, you can “move the earth” – not with a lever but with the Gospel of God’s love – if Jesus is the rock on which you stand.

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