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Message of Archbishop Denis Hart for Easter 2005

Every time we celebrate Easter we remember that life is more powerful than death, that Jesus who rose from the dead is our inspiration and our hope.

Even since the horrible Tsunami after Christmas, we notice signs of rebuilding and hope. The response of Australian people was truly magnificent and this shows that the goodness in people is far stronger than anything evil or perverted.

Jesus Christ rose from the dead to give us hope and to be our leader in encouraging all that is life-giving, noble and true.

Whether to people at home, families on holidays, individuals or groups, I wish the peace that Jesus promised to his followers to extend throughout the whole world, challenging us to live by all that is best and most generous in human nature, so that we can be ready to give of ourselves in service for others in the community.

May all those we love feel valued, encouraged and filled with hope.
+ Denis J. Hart,
Archbishop of Melbourne.
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