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Message of Archbishop Denis Hart for Easter 2006

At Easter we recall once again that our God shared our humanity, died and rose again. In the person of Jesus we know that God and humanity are near, that He acted decisively to save us and that He invites us to a new and hope-filled life.

Many Australians have rejoiced in the sport and the victories of the Commonwealth Games. The events of those days will no doubt remain with us for a long time. And yet Jesus invites us to the greatest victory of all – to overcome our weakness and failure, to leave sin aside and to focus on what we can be and give to others.

Christians in the world are here to provide hope, to strengthen and encourage, to build up and promote every worthwhile human endeavour, and they do this because Jesus is Lord of their life.

This Easter may we all pause and make some time for Jesus. May we then realise that He has given more than we can ever imagine. Our city will be what we, acting together, can make it. I hope that compassion, understanding and realising the goodness inherent in all people can build up the society in which we live.

+ Denis J. Hart,
Archbishop of Melbourne.
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