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Message of Archbishop Denis Hart for Easter 2007

At Easter we know once again that Christ, our Hope, is risen.

God who shared our human nature in Jesus passed, through death and into life.  We know that for us death, suffering, drought and darkness are not the end.

The courageous response of Australian people to drought and bushfire, and our readiness to assist others as neighbours comes from a vision, which sees every person as unique and special.

Jesus is our Hope because he reminds us of all that is authentic in human nature.  The value of life, the gifts that we have are made to be shared.

Christ’s gift of hope also means that we can look to the future and know that what we can achieve is greater than present burdens.

I invite all in our city to work together to care specially for the sick, the suffering, and the poor, those suffering from mental illness, loneliness or depression.  When we know that we are not alone, immediately our world expands.

To individuals, families, friends and strangers, I wish that this Easter Jesus will give you hope to search for others to walk with you, to know his love and the peace which he alone can bring.  May each of us see that we are valued and important and that Jesus loves and understands us.


+ Denis J. Hart,
Archbishop of Melbourne.

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