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Message of Archbishop Denis Hart for Easter 2010

“Christ is risen.  He goes before us.”

Many Melburnians are deeply concerned about the breakdown of our families, increasing violence and selfishness in society and wanton loss of life on our roads.  People have huge suffering because of these tragedies.  Two days ago we remembered how Jesus suffered by freely going to death for love of us.  At Easter we remember that he rose from the dead as God, the giver of new life and hope to humanity.

Easter is not merely a time for family and friends.  It is a moment when we reflect on the gifts we have and how we use them.  Each of us can reflect on our actions, reach out to others and be agents for transforming family, community and society.  We know that what we do together builds up individual effort and provides impetus to a new vision for ourselves and others.

We must face the challenges of modern living.  Jesus’ rising from the dead shows that each human being is gifted with intelligence and courage to live for others.  We can make a difference by being there for those around about us and working to build a better society where human life is respected, people’s talents are acknowledged and freedom and individuality are motivated by what we can give.

To believe in hope of what we can become is Christ’s great gift at Easter.  He promised eternal life to all who believe in him.

“The Lord is risen indeed.”  Alleluia!

+ Denis J. Hart,
Archbishop of Melbourne
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