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’What zest life acquires when we allow ourselves to be filled by the love of God!’ - Pope Francis: Pentecost Letter 2014

On this page you will find videos and other resources for parishes, youth groups and schools to explore the 2014 Archbishop’s Pentecost Letter to Youth.

Video Outlines

Part 1: Encountering Joy

"When that perfect wave finally comes, surging from below and lifting you up and carrying you along, and you are able to ride it perfectly to its conclusion, the experience is more than pleasure; I think it is something like joy.”

0:14 Encountering joy in the world
2:06 Encountering joy in relationship with God

Part 2: Choosing joy

“Not all of these things have always brought me pleasure; they haven’t all been easy. Had I been seeking merely pleasure, I imaging that my life would have been very different.”

0:06 Comparing happiness and joy
0:47 Choosing joy
2:59 The adventure of a joy-filled life
Part 3: Living joy

“What zest life acquires when we allow ourselves to be filled by the love of God!”

0:05 A zest-filled life
1:02 The difference God’s love makes
4:28 Allowing ourselves to be filled by the love of God
Part 4: Witnessing joy

“God did not create us to spend our lives running from loneliness and boredom by constantly seeking ever greater stimulation and pleasure in the midst of uncaring crowds. He created us for joy! For life with zest!”

0:05 Responding to the love of God
2:27 Witnessing to joy
3:32 Sharing joy through our lives


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