Recent Addresses and Pastoral Letters

Saints among God's saints: Message from Archbishop Comensoli

Wednesday 14 October 2020

In this latest message to the Melbourne Catholic community, Archbishop Peter A Comensoli offers some reflections on Pope Francis' prayer intention for the month of October (for women to have greater leadership roles within the Church); progress on the opening up of our churches during stage 3 of Victoria's COVID road map, and the gift of Australia's first saint—St Mary of the Cross MacKillop—who was canonised ten years ago. "[St Mary] was able to speak so strongly into our own Australian society and culture with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with the love of Jesus in her heart and the mercy that comes to all..." 

The kingdom we seek is a person (Homily, 27th Sunday in OT)

Sunday 4 October 2020

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli
Homily: 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A) | As a young lad growing up in the 1970s, I found the idea that God had a Kingdom quite puzzling. In those days, I could only imagine two possibilities of what this Kingdom could be like: either it was like the fantasy medieval kingdoms of fiction or the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Did God’s kingship mean He was somehow a sovereign ruler of some heavenly territory like Queen Elizabeth, or did he rule a kingdom with knights and dames, and chivalry and quests? Of course, such childhood ideas might get us to the starting gates of what God’s Kingdom is all about, but they are hardly where we need to go in our understanding.

‘The gifts of the holy spirit’: Message from Archbishop Comensoli

Thursday 1 October 2020

Communications Office
In this week's message to the community of faith in Melbourne, Archbishop Comensoli invites us to recognise how we are each participating in the life of grace during the pandemic despite being denied this opportunity to receive the Lord in the Eucharist. ‘Let us find ways of coming back to the source and summit of our Christian life as we call the Eucharist, and that we might be able to come back to the receiving of the Lord in Holy Communion. But we are not deprived of our baptism, or our confirmation.’