The Final Word

The Final Word The Final Word

The Final Word

March 2016

Lent is an important season for us Christians insofar as it reminds us of the need for conversion. We cannot live life to the full if we gloss over the inconvenient truths about ourselves. We cannot grow to full maturity if we ignore the obstacles that prevent us from reaching our potential. Pope Francis always asks people to pray for him because he says he is a sinner. It is characteristic of a true Christian who recognises the darker side of himself and seeks metanoia—a change of heart.  Lent is our spiritual exodus—a journey away from all that alienates us from God,...

The Final Word

February 2016

It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of our new diocesan magazine, Melbourne Catholic. As we step into this new venture to celebrate our life and mission together as a Catholic community, we heed the call of Pope Francis to reach beyond ourselves in the strength and the joy of the gospel. 

We all know only too well that we live in difficult times. Our hearts have gone out to the displaced millions of Syria and the Middle East, and in a special way to our Christian brothers and sisters who under persecution have left their homes … but not their faith. We mourned for those killed in Paris and Beirut and Jakarta. It comes closer to us as security is increased at our sporting venues and large social gatherings. Fear and anxiety are not the ways in which we want to live our lives.

The Sun of Justice has risen!

Thursday 23 April 2015
DURING this season of Easter, the joy of the Resurrection of Jesus fills the whole Church. For seven weeks—a ‘week of weeks’—each day is like a Sunday, as the Church rejoices to recall the victory of our Lord over death, sin and evil.

Mercy and truth have met

Monday 20 April 2015
THE paradox between divine mercy and divine justice is one that we, as human beings, find hard to reconcile.


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