Major upgrade plans for Vimy Private

Vimy Private, KewMonday 30 June 2008

St Vincents & Mercy Private last week announced plans for major upgrades to operating theatres, equipment and technology at Vimy House Private Hospital in Kew, following its recent acquisition of the site.

"The acquisition of Vimy Private will allow us to expand our core services and continue to provide the highest quality of care for Victorians," said St Vincents & Mercy Private chief executive officer, Martin Day.
"With 40 beds and 65 staff, Vimy Private is the ideal fit for some of our existing core services, such as orthopaedics and cardiology. The acquisition also allows us to grow our renowned acute surgical services, particularly ear, nose and throat, ophthalmology, maxillo-facial and sports medicine."
St Vincents & Mercy Private is now planning major upgrades to the site.
"We expect to spend about $7 million on upgrading Vimy Private in the next 24 months, including plans to build four new operating theatres and making a substantial investment in new equipment," Mr Day said.
"Financially, Vimy Private was starved of capital and needed new equipment. This was a good opportunity to help drive growth. The acquisition has also given Vimy Private staff job security and the opportunity to access our leading training and development program."

The timing of the takeover is particularly significant, with 2008 marking the 10 year anniversary of the merger between the St Vincents Private and Mercy Private in 1998.
"We have undertaken major capital works at both St Vincents Private and Mercy Private in the past 10 years, particularly modernising and refurbishing the buildings," said Mr Day.
"The success of the merger can be attributed to a talented workforce, consistent values across the two campuses, a strong executive group and board with a long-term vision and the ultimate owners, the Sisters of Charity and Sisters of Mercy. We are confident the Vimy Private acquisition will be equally as successful."

The formal transfer occurred on the second of June 2008, moving Vimy Private from the ‘for-profit’ to the Catholic ‘not-for-profit’ sector.
Vimy Private will retain its name, due to the hospital’s status in the Victorian community and the name’s historical significance.

St Vincents & Mercy Private is one of Melbourne’s biggest and busiest acute care hospitals. We are a catholic, not-for-profit hospital dedicated to the care and well being of our patients, staff and the community. With 430 registered beds across three locations in East Melbourne Fitzroy and Kew, our major specialties include cardiac services, orthopaedics, maternity, reconstructive plastic surgery and neurosciences.
For more information visit: www.stvincentsmercy.com.au.




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