Word On Fire

By Adi Indra, Kairos Catholic Journal
IN 2000, Fr Robert Barron, a priest renowned for his zeal in the New Evangelisation, founded the website, ‘Word On Fire’ Catholic Ministries. The website quickly grew to be one of the most used Catholic resources online.

It was reviewed in Kairos Catholic Journal in 2012 (Vol. 23, Issue 4).

After a year of research, planning and design, this year Word On Fire ministry embarked on ‘a whole new level’ of online experience, launching the new

Once we log on, we are welcomed with a series of beautiful images and a much cleaner layout. This is done not only for quicker and better access to information, but also to display the sense of beauty in Catholicism that leads to the goodness and truth of our faith—a key evangelising principle for Fr Barron. is trying to answer the demand of growing technology in new media. One of many exciting features is a mobile-friendly layout. The dynamic layout has been applied so it will automatically adapt size for optimal viewing on computer screens, tablets and mobile devices. Additionally, social media and content-sharing features have been integrated to enhance user experience.

Another new feature is content tagging. Fr Barron refers to this as a ‘game changer’. The Word On Fire team worked behind the scenes to review their content and put in appropriate tags, so that users can now find information more quickly and accurately.

The team hopes that its new website will help all Catholics to the faith, and equip us to evangelise as their motto exhorts: ‘proclaiming Christ in the culture’.


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