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All things new All things new

All things new

6 January 2019

Joel Hodge There is a moving scene in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ in which Mary runs to assist Jesus after he falls under the weight of the Cross. Jesus embraces her and says, ‘See, Mother, I make all things new.’ The statement, which is a derivation of Revelation 21:5, sums up the mysterious and paradoxical way that Jesus is radically transforming creation. Yet, how could Jesus be making all things new as he is ground down by the worst violence and evil? How could something new come out of failure or good come out of evil? 

The Voice from Assisi enchants audience

Friday 10 December 2019

Communications Office
Friar Alessandro sang to a filled St Patrick’s on Saturday night enchanting the audience with a journey through the Advent story in Carols, Scripture, prayer and musical reflections. Born Alessandro Brustenghi, the Franciscan friar, now 41, has sung on stages and in Cathedrals throughout the world and is in Melbourne filling St Patrick’s with sublime music while promoting his fourth album. 

Strong, selfless love: The Alma Nuns of Timor Leste

Thursday 5 December 2019

Paulie Stewart, Jesuit Social Services
The 400 nuns in the order look after more than 3000 children in Timor-Leste and Indonesia. At their facility, the nuns run programs for children with high needs disabilities: blind children, deaf children, children with severe learning difficulties, children with cerebral palsy, children with autism and more. They also look after many children who have simply been abandoned by their parents.