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Australian theologians joining theological “laboratory” on sexual abuse... Australian theologians joining theological “laboratory” on sexual abuse...

Australian theologians joining theological “laboratory” on sexual abuse...

Thursday 16 January 2020

St Vincent's Health Australia

The Centre for Child Protection, housed in the Gregorian University in Rome, and Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church, an international network of moral theologians, will be hosting a theological “laboratory” focusing on understanding and responding to the current crisis of clerical sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

The forgotten pope and the Christmas truce

Thursday 19 November 2019

Nathan Rawlins
With the outbreak of the First World War, Pope St Pius X was said to have died of a broken heart. Following his death, the College of Cardinals elected Archbishop Giacomo Paolo Giovanni Battista della Chiesa, who was only 59 to the Papacy. The new pope—who had only been a cardinal for a few months—took the name Benedict XV and faced a world at war on such a scale it was deemed ‘The War to End All Wars’. 

All things new

6 January 2019

Joel Hodge
There is a moving scene in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ in which Mary runs to assist Jesus after he falls under the weight of the Cross. Jesus embraces her and says, ‘See, Mother, I make all things new.’ The statement, which is a derivation of Revelation 21:5, sums up the mysterious and paradoxical way that Jesus is radically transforming creation. Yet, how could Jesus be making all things new as he is ground down by the worst violence and evil? How could something new come out of failure or good come out of evil? 

The Voice from Assisi enchants audience

Friday 10 December 2019

Communications Office
Friar Alessandro sang to a filled St Patrick’s on Saturday night enchanting the audience with a journey through the Advent story in Carols, Scripture, prayer and musical reflections. Born Alessandro Brustenghi, the Franciscan friar, now 41, has sung on stages and in Cathedrals throughout the world and is in Melbourne filling St Patrick’s with sublime music while promoting his fourth album.