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Movie review: The Midwife

Monday 23 October 2017

Peter W. Sheehan, Australian Catholic Office for Film and Broadcasting

THE MIDWIFE (Sage-Femme).
Starring: Catherine Frot, Catherine Deneuve, Olivier Gourmet, and Quentin Dolmaire.
Directed by Martin Provost.
Rated PG (Mild themes and coarse language). 117 min.
This subtitled French-Belgium film tells the story of a midwife who receives unexpected news from the ex-mistress of her deceased father. The film features two famous French actresses, Catherine Frot and Catherine Deneuve. Both are icons of the French screen. Catherine Frot plays Claire, a resentful single mother, who separated from her own mother years earlier. Catherine Deneuve plays her father’s ex-mistress, Beatrice, who makes contact with Claire to ask forgiveness.

Pope Francis clarifies new translation norms

Monday 23 October 2017

Catholic News Service

The Vatican is not to ‘impose’ a specific liturgical translation on bishops' conferences, but rather is called to recognize the bishops' authority and expertise in determining the best way to faithfully translate Latin texts into their local languages, Pope Francis has said in a letter to Cardinal Robert Sarah.

In the letter, released by the Vatican at the weekend, Pope Francis said he wanted to correct several points made in a ‘commentary,’ which Cardinal Sarah sent him and which was published on several websites in a variety of languages.

Cardinal Sarah is prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments. The pope's letter noted that most of the websites ‘erroneously’ cited Cardinal Sarah as the author of the commentary.