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Pope Francis begins his ‘brief but dicey’ trip to Egypt today

Friday 28 April 2017

John L. Allen Jr., Crux.

Though Pope Francis will only be in Egypt this weekend for a little over 24 hours, his brief trip to the world’s sixth largest Muslim nation, and the biggest in the Middle East, is among the riskiest outings of his papacy. On multiple fronts, from security and politics to Christian/Muslim relations and ecumenism, Francis faces hard choices on the trip that amount to striking the right balance between equally undesirable outcomes.




Film review: Les Innocents

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Fr Peter Malone MSC,  Australian Catholic Office for Film & Broadcasting
Audiences who remember the 1959 film, The Nuns’ Story, will remember the similarities in the life of the nuns in the convent, contemplative, enclosed, austere, penitential, an emphasis on obedience, of the vows, the dominating role of the superior.