Lenten Resources


‘Our only desire and our one choice should be this: I want and I choose what better leads to God’s deepening life in me.’
–St Ignatius Loyola, Spiritual Exercises 

Lent offers an invitation to actively reorientate ourselves to God. We are invited to turn away from all that distracts us and to examine our lives by focusing on divine rather than human priorities; to plunge into the deep, restorative waters of God’s love and mercy. So let us clear some time and space from distractions this Lent so that we might go deeper: deeper into the paschal mystery, deeper into relationship with God, deeper into truth and life.
The following resources are available to assist:
‘Into the Deep’ weekly reflections  
These prayer sheets take the weekly gospel as the focus and are suitable for individual or group use. The short reflections provided in response to each gospel explore how these stories might speak to our contemporary experience. A template for a weekly journal is also available, and this may also assist with personal reflection. 

'Into the Deep' Lenten podcast
Uploaded weekly, these short gospel reflections are provided as an opportunity to clear some time and space from distractions and go deeper into the paschal mystery this Lent. Guest speakers include Ria Greene, Fr Kevin Lenehan, Fr Nathan Rawlins and Archbishop Peter A Comensoli.
Click the play button below to listen to Ria Greene's reflection on the first week of Lent, 'Jesus in the wilderness':
‘Into the Deep’ 40-day calendar 
‘Give me a word’: This is what the novice would ask the older monk in the Egyptian desert long ago. The word might be a sentence or two. It wasn’t given for discussion, nor was it a solution. It was to be a stimulus to further growth. Each of the reflections for the days of Lent is a ‘word’… to take to heart, to put into practice. Use this Lenten Calendar individually, in your family, in a group, at work, or on your social media. Download calendar >

Mass PowerPoint covers
These images have been prepared for all those who prepare weekly Sunday Masses. Download Mass PPTs >

The Summit Online
Planning your weekly liturgy? The Summit Online provides weekly readings, liturgical notes, music suggestions and the 'Exploring the Word' catechumenate resource for parishes. It also contains articles and helpful information on various aspects of the liturgy. Visit The Summit Online >