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Love and responsibility with Dr Edward Sri

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Media and Communications Office
Last night Dr Edward Sri was joined by 300 young adults, who came to listen to his talk ‘Love and responsibility’. The talk was jointly organised by Melbourne's Life, Marriage, Family Office, the Archdiocesan Office for Youth, Parousia Media and the Australian Catholic University. It was held in the Phillippa Brazil Lecture Theatre, ACU.
 Dr Edward Sri presenting.
Dr Edward Sri is a theologian, author and internationally acclaimed Catholic speaker who has written several best-selling books, including A Biblical Walk through the Mass and Walking with Mary: A Biblical Journey from Nazareth to the Cross
His book, Men, Women and the Mystery of Love refers to St John Paul II’s great work, Love and Responsibility, to give profound insights and advice on friendship, love and the dynamics between men and women.
 Audience listening and taking notes at the talk.
The aim of the lecture was to answer questions pertaining to dating, love and relationships—why are they so difficult and does it have to be that way?
Dr Edward explained that divorce statistics vary from country to country: between 30 and 50 per cent of marriages end in divorce. However, Dr Edward prefers to focuss on the percentage of couples who remain married and have an emotional connection to each other. He emphasised that happy marriages are usually the ones that grow in love together.
He explained an excerpt from St John Paul II that God has endowed us all with sexual value. Attraction is physical, emotional and psychological. Dr Edward acknowledged that many people find it hard not to reduce someone to either their character or sexual value—however, he advised being aware of not projecting their own needs onto the other person. He highlighted the value of making decisions about relationships using the mind more than emotions or feelings.
 Audience laughing at an anecdote. 
Accordingly to Dr Sri, love is not confined to only romantic love, similar to that portrated in Titanic or other love epics that Hollywood produces. Partners also need to be able to shoulder different burdens and rely on each other to be there.
'You need be able to say, "Yes, this is the person I want to marry. He or she will be able to look after the children, provide for our family, help me in time of need and, equally as important, look outward and help the community",’ said Dr Edward.
Dr Edward captured the audience with various anecdotes, filling the theatre with laughing and clapping. At the end, he answered questions from the audience about issues such as dealing with grief after a breakup, dating apps, online dating and emotions in marriage.
It was a vibrant and packed evening—the audience left with much to muse over.
 A full house at the talk.
Below is a similar talk that Dr Edward Sri delivered at SEEK2015, presented by FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, in Nashville, Tennessee.
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