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One journey

One journey

21-13-pg28-one-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 13

“In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

It was a cold, wet and holy wash as we were baptised at the Easter Vigil in St Anthony’s Parish, Noble Park. That night, we witnessed the end and the beginning of a lifetime.

Confirmation - a call to service

21-13-pg31-confirmation-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 13

On Sunday 20 June candidates from St Kevin’s Parish, Templestowe, including parish catechists and students from St Charles Borromeo Primary School and St Kevin’s Primary School, celebrated their Confirmation at St Patrick’s Cathedral. The children had previously attended a practice at the cathedral.

Opening doors to options

21-13-pg32-opening-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 13

Alison Campbell Rate is the Honorary Executive Director of Open Doors pregnancy counselling centre in Ringwood. Catherine Sheehan interviewed her for Kairos Catholic Journal.

What is the mission of Open Doors?

Love my way

Kairos: Volume 21, Issue 13

Recently, the movie Sex and the City II has been popular. It is a movie that promotes casual sex as glamorous, casualty free and a valid lifestyle choice.