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Foundation celebrations continue for the 'Grey Sisters'

21-14-foundation-pg15-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 14

Melbourne’s Family Care Sisters have continued celebrations to mark the 80th anniversary of their foundation with a Mass at Sacred Heart Church, Croydon, at which the Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart was the principal celebrant, followed by afternoon tea, on Saturday 10 July.

The 'holiness project'

21-14-theholiness-pg16-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 14

When you read (or watch) something a second time do you find you interpret it differently? Dr Donna Orsuto believes this is symptomatic of our personal evolution. She says: “It demonstrates that we are always developing and therefore it is important never to put people in a box.”

Walter Silvester Memorial Lecture 2010

21-14-walter-pg17-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 14

Co-founder and director of the Lay Centre in Rome Dr Donna Orsuto was the guest speaker at the Walter Silvester Memorial Lecture at Christ Theatre, ACU, on 20 July.