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The sky is the limit

21-1-thesky-pg14-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 01

Defeating death and disproving medical prognosis is the stuff of fiction; however, Michelle Newland demonstrates that these things are possible in real life too.

Writing a church history

21-1-writing-pg15-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 01

In 1958 the small congregation of Catholics of Torquay decided to build a church. Till that time priests from St Mary’s in Geelong and later from St Bernard’s in Belmont had celebrated Mass irregularly in the Torquay Improvement Association Hall.

Millennium Development Goals Exhibition

21-1-millennium-pg17-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 01

A free interactive exhibition about tackling world poverty organised by Caritas Australia and AusAID was recently launched at the BMW Edge Theatre, Federation Square and was open from 19 to 30 January.