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Homelessness and Covid-19 Homelessness and Covid-19

Homelessness and Covid-19

Monday 6 April 2020

Chris Middendorp, Sacred Heart Central

In these days of Coronavirus there are new and freakish challenges for all of us. For those who are experiencing homelessness, social stigma and isolation is now magnified to absurd levels. Community services are scaled back or shut. Doors are closed and bolted. Meals options are dwindling and harder to find. The lifelines are suddenly looking tenuous.

Domestic Church: Online Mass

Friday 27 March 2020

Communications Office

Despite our current limitations, we can still participate in the celebration of Mass online thanks to modern technology. Many dioceses around the world provide online streaming of Masses, including our own Archdiocese of Melbourne. Below are some links to online Masses. We also encourage you to think about how you might help those homebound and less tech-savvy to be able to access Mass online during this time. 


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