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South Sundanese community celebrates

South Sundanese community celebrates

22-4-south-pg8-tKairos: Volume 22, Issue 4, 20 March 2011

By Fiona Basile

The South Sudanese communities of Australia had much to celebrate in the new year. Final results from the independence referendum that took place at the end of last year, and were announced in January this year, showed that almost 99 per cent of the ballots called for the separation of the south from the north.

Golden Jubilee at St Christopher's Syndal

SyndalThursday 17 March 2011

The Golden Jubilee of St Christopher's parish, Syndal confounded the doomsayers about Catholicism “with an altogether different picture of the Church, which is alive in this city of Melbourne”, Bishop Les Tomlinson told the parish jubilee Mass on 6 March.

St Patrick’s Day Mass in Melbourne

St Patrick's Day_100Thursday 17 March 2011

About 1800 Catholic school students and teachers, many wearing a tinge of green, joined a host of dignitaries for the St Patrick’s Day Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral.