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You need a team to grow your dream: Structuring for impact You need a team to grow your dream: Structuring for impact

You need a team to grow your dream: Structuring for impact

Thursday 18 June 2020

Mission TeamLeadership in twenty-first-century organisations, including parishes, is becoming more and more complex. Factors such as safeguarding, workplace law, declining church attendance, aging leadership and an aggressively secular culture make our traditional model of parish leadership—of the priest who lives alone, ministers alone and makes decisions alone—increasingly untenable and ineffective. This is definitely not how Jesus led. The reality is that the skill set of any one person, on its own, is inadequate. To achieve fruitful parishes, we need to work in teams.

Creativity in the Time of COVID

Wednesday 10 June 2020

Fiona Basile, Catholic Social Services Victoria

On Monday 30 March 2020, Premier Daniel Andrews announced that as of 11:59pm that evening, all Victorians must stay at home, able to leave only for four essential reasons: for food and supplies, medical care, exercise, and work or education. Since that time, more than 10 weeks have passed, and from June 1, the isolation restrictions eased a little. But what of this time, this COVID-time? Have we learnt anything as a society, or as individuals? What can we make out of this time, which is still unfolding as we continue to find our feet individually, as families and as communities of people? 

Discernment papers for Plenary Council released

Sunday 31 May 2020

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB says the six discernment papers for the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia signify the latest milestone as the Church considers its present circumstances and discerns its future.

Six Discernment and Writing Groups, one each for the six national themes for discernment that emerged from the Council’s Listening and Dialogue phase, were tasked with writing papers to bring some major themes and issues into focus.

“The papers are the fruits of communal discernment. The aim of the discernment process was to draw upon the lived faith and experiences of more than 220,000 Australians, the living tradition of the Church, sacred Scripture, papal teachings and additional insights from outside the Church,” said Archbishop Costelloe, the Plenary Council president.

Archbishop Costelloe said the papers are an important contribution to the Church in Australia’s ongoing discernment towards the Plenary Council.

National Reconciliation Week: In this together

Wednesday 27 May 2020

Mission Team 
Each year, National Reconciliation Week marks two important dates in our nation’s history – the 1967 Referendum where more than 90 per cent of Australians voted to count Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the national census and give the Government power to make laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the High Court Mabo decision which recognised that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have rights to the land.