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Lay missionaries: Extending their PALMS outwards

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Media and Communications Office

Palms Australia recruited their first volunteers to work in Papua New Guinea as long ago as 1961.

Since then, PALMS has grown to provide over $200 million in education, health, technical, medical and other professional services, in a raft of countries all over the world.

Palms Australia volunteers work closely with their chosen communities, sharing their skills with their hosts, to work simply and effectively in building and strengthening communities. Those skills could be in accounting, education, teaching, trades, health, project management, rural development, or any of dozens of other fields.

Visiting Melbourne this week, Executive Director of Palms Australia, Roger O’Halloran, joined Melbourne Archdiocese’s Director of Media and Communications, Shane Healy, for a conversation about PALMS, and to put out a call for volunteers from people willing to contribute their expertise and a couple of years of their life to working for PALMS as an overseas volunteer.

Information about the work of Palms Australia, and its many different volunteering opportunities, may be found on the website of PALMS,

Enquiries are welcome.
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