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National Council of Churches asks our leaders to convene

Thursday 25 August 2016

National Council of Churches

The start of a new Parliament is an opportunity for uplifting national leadership, suited to the times. We look out at a world full of tears, recognising our many blessings here in Australia. Can we lift our vision and display together the kind of change of heart needed by the whole human family, away from violence and division towards peace and with justice for all?

The world we choose to live in

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Jim McDermott, Eureka Street

Sunday afternoon, an overcast, somewhat steamy day on the West Side of Los Angeles. I'm in a Starbucks not far from Loyola Marymount University, where I live. Suddenly a young woman at a table nearby starts saying 'Oh my God. Oh my God!' I look up to find she has left her seat and stares out the glass doors, where four men are fighting. 'It started here,' she says.