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World Mission Sunday: Open hearts for global humanity World Mission Sunday: Open hearts for global humanity

World Mission Sunday: Open hearts for global humanity

Friday 21 October 2016

Kevin Meese, Catholic Mission

The celebration of World Mission Sunday each year reminds us of our deep connection, through faith, with people across the globe. It offers us an opportunity to pray, give and show mercy. Throughout this Jubilee Year, in our engagement with the theme of mercy, there have been many opportunities to reach out to those in need. World Mission Sunday 2016, to be held on 23 October, offers an opportunity for people of faith to consider the ways in which they live out their baptismal call to be missionary disciples.

Australian Catholic University appoints its first curator

Thursday 20 October 2016

Media and Communications Office
Furthering its commitment to celebrating and sharing art Australian Catholic University (ACU) has appointed Caroline Field as its first curator.
In the newly-created role, Ms Field will be responsible for managing the University’s extensive art collection and documenting, developing and displaying the collection across each of its seven campuses.

Australia’s Catholic Religious join the appeal for compassion and decency

Thursday 20 October 2016

Catholic Religious Australia

Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) joins its voice to many others in appealing to the Australian Government for compassion and decency in its treatment of asylum seekers and refugees. We have heard repeatedly of the harm done to these, our sisters and brothers. The Australian Human Rights Commission, nurses, psychologists, teachers, religious leaders – all courageous people – continue to speak about their first-hand experience of the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees on Nauru and Manus Island. CRA, which represents over 130 Religious Institutes in Australia, calls for compassion and decency. It is time to welcome the stranger in our midst, not to place them far away where the general population are unable to see them and unable to build a relationship with them. 

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