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Winner announced for the 2017 National NAIDOC Poster Competition

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Media and Communications Office 

The Committee of NAIDOC has announced Wiradjuri woman Joanne Cassady as the winning artist of this year’s National NAIDOC Poster Competition. Ms Cassady’s artwork represents some of the many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and nations in Australia. She is a strong advocate for passing languages on and it is a great sadness to her not knowing her language. Joanne says adamantly, ‘teach your kids their language, it is so important’.

Putting a face to the effects of Australia's aid freeze

Monday 15 May 2017

David Holdcroft, Eureka Street
On the way to school he passes near a small building whose purpose it is to house the two child protection officers who hear and deal with complaints that arise in his refugee camp community. He of course has no idea what that entails, nor to what the badge attached to the wall, 'Donated by the Australian Government', refers.