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Melbourne Catholic introduces a new series which will profile priests in our Melbourne Archdiocese. For our first episode, Shane Healy, Director of Media and Communications, sits down with Fr Paul Newton, Parish Administrator of Ivanhoe.



Fr Paul Newton, Ivanhoe parish

Fr Paul is a Melburnian through and through. He enjoys AFL and basketball. He has worked in parishes across Melbourne and also spent time studying in Italy. Fr Paul is currently filling the administrator role temporarily and will only be at Ivanhoe parish for a few months. However, that isn’t stopping him creating new initiatives and opportunities for the families and young people across the parish’s three churches.

Children’s interactive Mass

Bringing fresh eyes and energy to the parish, last Sunday Fr Paul led an interactive children’s Mass at Mother of God Church, East Ivanhoe—promoting young parishioners in active roles. Focussing as much as possible on ensuring the children were involved and engaged in the liturgy, the interactive Mass received overwhelming positive feedback.

There was great joy and wonderful participation. In one moment of the Mass, the families and children who filled the smallest of Ivanhoe’s three churches were uplifted in the spirit of praise, and rejoiced in clapping.

Dinner discussion nights

Fr Paul has also been meeting with the parents of the children and engaging with them in discussions over dinner. These dinners allow for friendly mixing and mingling as well as a laid back discussion. One of the topics recently covered was ‘Is the Church out of touch?’, the responses varied from open and honest to positive. Next month the topic is ‘I am spiritual, not religious’, which will tap into where people are at in the expression of their own faith.

Combined school Mass and activities

With three churches and three primary schools across the parish, Fr Paul has been active in ensuring strong links between them, celebrating a combined school Mass. Fr Paul has also arranged for a Sunday afternoon basketball game, with parents playing against children. Also on the calendar is a youth gathering for the senior primary school children to let them know that the parish is invested in them.

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