Brisbane Catholic newspaper inspired to challenge Mass attendance rates

Monday 11 September 2017

Media and Communications Office 
Brisbane’s only Catholic newspaper has proposed a simple but unique idea to encourage people who have walked away from the Church to return to the faith.

The Catholic Leader last week launched AskOne, an evangelisation campaign that aims to inspire Catholics to invite someone who does not attend Mass anymore to come back with them.

AskOne is the result of hard work, analysis and plenty of prayer by The Catholic Leader team.

The Catholic Leader team hopes the AskOne campaign will help more people to reignite their faith despite difficult times for the Church.

‘The reality that the Church in Australia is facing is the number of people attending Mass every week is dropping,’ The Catholic Leader managing editor Matt Emerick said.

‘This was confirmed by the 2016 Census in Australia, which showed the number of Catholics isn’t growing, while the number of people with no religious affiliation is increasing by 30 per cent.’

Mr Emerick said the team’s observations of the dwindling number of Catholics inspired a simple campaign that could draw people back to the faith.

After months of planning, The Catholic Leader launched AskOne on 3 September, followed by the release of an animated promotional video that reached more than 5000 people in one day.

The campaign will run for 12 weeks from 3 September as a special section in The Catholic Leader newspaper.

Every week The Catholic Leader will publish profile stories on people who left the faith and came back to the Church, reasons why Catholics need to evangelise and advice on discussing the faith with non-Catholics.

‘We are hopeful that our readers will take up the AskOne challenge and if they do, we can be sure that it will cause a major shift in the number of Catholics recorded in the next Census,’ Mr Emerick said.

The Catholic Leader’s AskOne section will be published weekly until 19 November.
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