Evangeline from Australia

Tuesday 13 March 2018


Evangeline is strengthening Aboriginal culture, while making a living for herself and creating opportunities for her community. Featured in Project Compassion 2016, Evangeline was employed by the Caritas Australia supported Djilpin Arts Aboriginal Corporation and quickly rose to the role of Senior Artsworker.

Her work at Djilpin Arts has supported the organisation’s growth from a multi-media project to a multi-level contemporary arts and culture centre. An example of excellence in Indigenous tourism, it’s now a key employer for young people in the remote Northern Territory community of Beswick (Wugularr).

This year, in 2018, Evangeline is busy guiding tourists, coordinating cultural activities and helping community members to practise and market their arts, such as weaving and jewellery-making.

‘Now we have a new gallery up. And we have our new kitchens, we look after these and we now maintain this to make sure it’s running okay and in good condition. We’re also trying to open up another tour for tourists to go around the waterfall, we’re just planning that now.’

Evangeline’s career has flourished and she has become an inspirational youth leader.

Evangeline says that Caritas Australia’s support for Djilpin Arts, through Project Compassion, is vital for all Wugularr’s young people. Although their families do their best to pass on knowledge, Elders are dying and she is keen to spearhead the preservation of culture and lore for future generations.

‘It’s good for them to learn and to keep their culture strong,’ Evangeline says.

This opportunity has helped me turn my life into something more positive. It makes me more confident and more independent.’ - Evangeline
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