Melbourne Writers Festival 2017: Our top picks

9 Wednesday August 2017

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The program for this year’s Melbourne Writers Festival (MWF) has been released and once again features a diverse selection of events.

Entering into its 33rd year, the winter festival will be held from 25 August to 3 September and promises to draw crowds to an array of 40 carefully selected venues, warming and attracting thousands of Victoria’s literary enthusiasts.

This year, MWF will present over 200 events in a variety formats including; conversation and discussion, debates, educational programs, music and art events, storytelling and live performances.

Needless to say, that’s a lot!

So, to get you started, here’s Melbourne Catholic’s top picks:

On Leisure: ‘in today’s busy world, leisure time is more vital than ever, but technology is eroding our work-life balance.’

Robert Dessaix (Pleasures of Leisure) discusses the benefits of taking leisure seriously, from reading to travelling, taking siestas and simply doing nothing, Dessaix highlights the importance of disconnecting and finding solace away from work.

Sat 26th Aug 11.30am – $22/$19

Deakin Edge, Fed Square

God Damn It: ‘What is the importance of free speech in writing?’ ‘From acts of blasphemy in religious communities to political dissidence in democracy and the rise of satire in journalism.’

Join Award-winning comedian, author, journalist and broadcaster, Sami Shah, has he explores the power of offence – and how it’s never as simple as we think it is.

Sat 26th Aug 1.00pm – Free event, no bookings required.

ACMI The Cube

Don’t Look Away: A haunting visual presentation of striking photography and film footage shot on the frontlines of Afghanistan, Rwanda, Vietnam and more.

Multi-award-winning war photographer, Stephen Dupont, transports viewers to conflict-stricken corners of the world and is accompanied with a photographic exhibition and a conversation with Dupont.

Wed 30 Aug 6.00pm – $22/$19

Deakin Edge, Fed Square

Beyond Clichés: Women, Religion & Culture: ‘How do women explore identity, religion and culture?’

Amal Awad (Beyond Veiled Clichés) and Susan Carland (Fighting Hislam) share narratives and research in discussing the way Muslim and Arab women experience the world.

Sat 26 Aug 4.00pm – $22/$19

Deakin Edge, Fed Square

New Shoots: A Garden of Poems: ‘Unearth the poetic inspiration of plants and place with Australian poets’.

Join a host of poets including: Bonny Cassidy, Elena Gomez, Duncan Hose, Carissa Lee, Cameron Lowe, Bruce Pascoe, Ryan Prehn, Autumn Royal, Maria Takolander and Chris Wallace-Crabbe for a poetic walking tour of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

Sun 3 Sep 2.30pm – Free event, bookings are required.

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

Understanding Extremism: ‘what drives people towards political and religious radicalism?’

Nir Baram, Nancy MacLean and John Safran examine the factors at play behind extremism throughout today’s world.

Sun 3 Sep 1.00pm – $22/$19

Deakin Edge, Fed Square

Dissent Within: ‘what happens when your beliefs go against the majority of those within your religion, culture or minority group?’

Where religion and culture meet: Na’ama Carlin, Angus Mcleay and Tim Kroenert explore the relationships and tensions between belonging and belief.

Sun 3 Sep 2.30pm – $22/$19

ACMI Cinema 1

Climate Change Activism: ‘What are the different factions of climate change activism, and how do they come together in cohesive action?’

Anna Krien (The Climate Deadlock) and Indigenous climate activist Amelia Telford delve into today’s climate change activism and take a look at where it’s heading.

Sat 26th Aug 11.30am – Free event, no bookings required.

ACMI The Cube

One for the children:

Live Game: Dungeon Time: ‘When your best friend has been locked in a dungeon by an evil monster, there’s only one thing to do – go on a quest to rescue them!’

With the help of comedian, actor and game designer, Ben McKenzie, kids will become heroes’ workshopping an enchanting tale of adventure and companionship where their task is to save their friend.

Sat 26 Aug 2pm - $15


Suitable for ages 5-8, parents are required to stay for kids under 7 years old.

For more information and bookings, visit the MWF website.
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