The one thing needful

The one thing needful

21-2-theone-pg2-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 02

In these busy times, we all need reminders. I have a pretty good memory, but even I am thankful for that electronic device that reminds me when I have an appointment, or a meeting, or an important event.

Pope's Lenten Message for 2010

21-2-popes-pg6-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 02

Pope Benedict XVI’s message for Lent has as its theme, ‘the justice of God has been manifested through faith in Jesus Christ’.

The Martyrdom fo St. Polycarp

21-2-themartydom-pg30-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 02

This excerpt from a letter on the martyrdom of Saint Polycarp by the Church of Smyrna (Cap. 13,2-15,2)is used in the Roman Office of Readings for the Feast of St. Polycarp on February 23.

A Catholic Orthodox relations warm

21-2-catholic-pg22-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 02

With Pope Benedict XVI, for the first time in history, the Orthodox have agreed to discuss the primacy of the bishop of Rome, according to the model of the first millennium, when the Church was undivided.

A pastor amidst violence and conflict

21-2-apastor-pg12-tKairos: Volume 21, Issue 02

Archbishop Orlando Quevedo OMI of Cotabato is a pastor close to his people. In early March 2010, this Oblate missionary bishop – former president of the Philippine Bishop’s Conference – will be in Melbourne to participate in Catholic Education Week and various activities organised by the Archbishop’s Office for Evangelisation.


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