Catholic Knights & Knights of the Southern Cross

Catholic Knights & Knights of the Southern Cross

Welcome to St. Patrick's Cathedral as we celebrate the Mass of Our Lady, Mother of the Church, gathered as people given to the service of God and his Church. I am delighted that Br. Eamonn Fleming, the President of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights, Council members and their wives, and Knights of the Southern Cross from Victoria, are here for this special celebration when we are challenged to be witnesses of Christ in the third millennium. My prayer is that Mary will guide us to a new awareness of our need for transformation and of the light which Christ alone can provide.

Will you also go away? (Matthew 11.29)

We come into God's presence and he challenges us today. Are we ready to be heroes?

In a world dominated by practical materialism, the idols of power, sex and money, there is need for heroism to be a Christian. You and I can ask each other, how important is it to me to follow Christ? How important is the grace, which God gives me to draw me along his journey?

"Life to me of course is Christ"

Saint Paul says, "Life to me of course is Christ." (Philippians 1:21) When we say 'I believe' we respond with our whole being to all that God has given us, knowing that He sustains us at every moment. The Lord challenges us today to recognise Him at work in our everyday lives.

Do we put our trust in things (riches) or in God?

Today the Church gives us the challenge coming from Jesus’ words in the Gospel, asking us to examine whether we put our trust in things (riches) or in God, realising that everything we have is his gift and we have nothing that does not come from Him.

Every day of our life is a gift from God. How we use it is in fact our response to Him.

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