Third Sunday of Easter

Third Sunday of Easter

Welcome to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral as we celebrate this Easter Mass.  The Readings challenge us to repentance, to stop sinning, to know the Lord’s peace.  We ask that the Lord will make his Word plain to us, so that our hearts will burn with love as we seek to follow him.

Today at the end of Mass I will bestow Papal awards on John Ralph, Barry O’Callaghan, Dr. Bernard Clarke and Ted Exell for their generous service for the Church.  I invite you to remember them and their families in this moment of thanksgiving as we celebrate this Mass.

The Easter Vigil

The light which originates in the Easter fire and comes from the Paschal Candle and represents Christ is among us to show that each of us must make their first step towards the light. This is true of the babies who are being baptised and who will be nourished in the faith of their parents and of the members of the neo-catechumenal communities, who have now completed the way and come vested in the white robes, as a reminder to all of us that they wish to live fully in the light of Christ.

Feast of Divine Mercy

Today in the light of the risen Lord we come to celebrate the Feast of Mercy.  Jesus has wished that we might have the peace given to his Apostles; the forgiveness of sins and the ability to trust him so strongly that we will become his ambassadors.

Purified by the Sacrament of Reconciliation, hearing the mercy of God, venerating the image of Jesus, merciful Saviour, and trusting in him, we seal the covenant of mercy by our receiving of the Lord in Holy Communion.