Catholic Mission urges the faithful in Pakistan to ‘stand firm’

Catholic Mission logoThursday 5 March 2009

The attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan is yet another stark reminder that disasters and tragedies befall good people in Australia, and in many countries around the world.  Events like these compel us to respond with God’s love and in practical support. It could be anything from ringing our Pakistani and Sri Lankan friends or saying a thoughtful, quiet prayer for the victims and their families.

Praising God through poetry

Kairos: Volume 20, Issue 03

Do you enjoy poetry? I certainly do, but it is an enjoyment that I have not previously thought about sharing with you.

Why this has been the case baffles me, and, when I came to realise that recently, I decided that I ought to do something about it. So, I’m hastening to correct that omission right now.

A woman of wisdom

Kairos: Volume 20, Issue 02

On at least three levels, 2008 was a tremendous year. On the international scene it witnessed the election of the first African-American, Barack Obama, to the most powerful position on earth, that of president of the United States. Then, in the field of the Faith, it saw the successful staging in Sydney of World Youth Day and its profound impact even on secular society.