Why light a candle?

Why light a candle?

Volume 19, Issue 17 Ever since I was a small child I’ve observed people lighting candles in church. In my then parish church of St Theresa’s in Essendon, it might have amounted to about a dozen or so individuals as we trotted out after Mass, whereas, when we visited the Lady Chapel of St Francis in the city, so many participated in this practice that it amounted to a conflagration capable of keeping passers-by warm in winter.

Relive the outpouring of faith!

World Youth Day 2008 logoMonday 15 September 2008

With much demand, World Youth Day 2008 will be releasing a pastoral DVD collection available for sale from the end of September 2008.  A commemorative book will also be available for sale in mid November.

The Class of '58

ImageVolume 19, Issue 16

On Sunday 27 July 1958, 11 students from Corpus Christi College, then situated at Werribee, were ordained to the priesthood: one in Ballarat, two in Castlemaine, and eight in Melbourne.
I was among this last group.

I was ordained for you

Volume 19, Issue 15

Well, the tumult and shouting have died away, and the wonderful celebrations for the Golden Jubilee of my classmates and me have finally come to a close. It is now up to us to live out our priestly lives in the light of all the congratulations and adulation that so many have lavished on us.

Forever Young

ImageVolume 19, Issue 13-14

In some ways it is hard to believe, but World Youth Day 2008 is over. Yes, all those years of planning and hard work in preparation for and presentation of that magnificent demonstration of faith are behind us.