The spirit of Genereation Y

Volume 19, Issue 10-11

As we approach this great international event, World Youth Day, there can be something in it for all of us. And, if each of us plays his or her part, the benefits will be not only with the participants, but with the rest of us, and hopefully through them any benefits will be with us all for a long time to come.

Cardinal: Mass is "essential" experience of faith

EucharistWednesday 18 June 2008 

Although Sunday Mass is the "essential" experience of faith, less than half of North American Catholics attend regularly, according to the archbishop of Philadelphia.

Cardinal Justin Rigali spoke Monday at the 49th International Eucharistic Congress, which is being held through Sunday in Quebec, Canada.

Why I am still a priest

Volume 19, Issue 10

Having shared with you in a recent Perspective some of the chief factors that played a part in my decision to become a priest, I feel that I ought now to complete the story. In other words, having been ordained, how have I been able to persevere in that way of life for 50 years? ...............