From the back of beyond

From the back of beyond

Kairos: Volume 19, Issue 3 The approach of St Patrick’s Day, 17 March, has storytellers scrambling. And if your name (like mine) is unmistakably Irish, you are likely to be asked for at least one good St Patrick story fairly soon. It is a great honour, but there is a problem. Or at least there seems to be a problem for some of my fellow storytellers who are also (like me) approaching age 60. If a rash of recent emails to me is any indication, some of us aging boomers have lost our ties to St Patrick. And as any storyteller will admit, the chances of any good St Patrick stories coming out...

A book to foster your faith

Volume 19, Issue 3

As you well know, Jesus preached in parables, so that we who follow Him might learn a message to help us on our journey of life and faith. One of the most memorable parables is that which is loosely referred to as ‘The Sower’ (Matt 13; Mk 4; Lk 8). Obviously, Matthew, Mark and Luke all considered it sufficiently important to make sure it was included in their narratives of Jesus’ public ministry.

Honouring a woman of faith

Volume 19, Issue 2

It is quite probable that you, like me, developed an acquaintance with the works of William Shakespeare under a reasonably high degree of duress. In my later years at secondary school one or another of his plays always had to be studied as part of English Literature.

One day at a time

Volume 19 Issue 1

Because this New Year has been well under way prior to the presentation of my first contribution to these pages, I have had ample time to think and pray about what I might share with you in this first Perspective column for 2008. That’s certainly how I view these contributions that I provide for you with each fortnight: some aids for your pilgrimage of life.

Take stock.Take Charge

Volume 18, Issue 23

In the reflective mode that I find myself adopting more and more these days, it has come home to me how easy it is for the events of life to dictate to us, rather than us to them, as I believe it ought to be. So, the schedule of events that we have traditionally laid out for us each year can be slavishly followed without our taking the time to consciously relate it to our lives, put our own impact on it and to turn it to some good purpose.

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