Depression and the divine dimension

Depression and the divine dimension

Volume 17, Issue 8 

THERE WAS A TIME WHEN ‘depression’ was a taboo word. Not only was its use carefully avoided, but few if any individuals were prepared to admit in public that they were in fact suffering from its vices.

Thank God, there has been a momentous turn around in our society over recent years. Broadly speaking this has manifested itself in two chief ways.

Where do you stand?

Volume 17, Issue 6

“AND THE WINNER IS: CRASH.” Such were the words of Jack Nicholson – with some tone of query apparent in his voice – as he announced the Best Film of the Year at the most recent Academy Awards night in Los Angeles.

In the aftermath of the games

Volume 17, Issue 7 

I’M WONDERING HOW things are with you in the aftermath of the Commonwealth Games. From most accounts it seems to have been a resounding success, and that is hardly surprising seeing how much preparation went into every facet of its staging. The irony is, however, that the sheer magnitude of the enterprise as well as its all-embracing impact at every level of the community can leave many of us with an emptiness, a sense of sadness that it is all over. There might even be an added feeling among some that there is nothing to replace the excitement and competitiveness of that intense round of events.

Taking the UN seriously

Volume 17, Issue 5

ONE OF THE MOST STINGING criticisms that I hear leveled against the Church is that it is irrelevant. Whether or not that is true is a matter of contention. However, I am in no doubt that were it to operate to its full potential it has the capacity to be truly relevant to us as a total human family and to this wonderful world that we populate.

What will make your new year happy?

Volume 17, Issue 1

AS THE DAYS OF 2005 WERE slipping away and as those initiating the New Year were unfolding for us, you were undoubtedly caught up in giving and receiving the constant exclamation for that period: “Happy New Year.”