This is your life

Volume 18, Issue 8

Have you ever watched that TV show, This Is Your Life? I certainly have, and on every occasion I have found myself absorbed. People fascinate me endlessly, and the story of their life, as well as the recollections of those who have related with them over their journey, speaks so much about the people and the events of my own life.

To be... this is the answer

ImageVolume 18, Issue 7

About this time last year I experienced the first symptoms of the illness that was destined to change the course of my life. Once I was diagnosed with cancer, and once the treatment was set in train, though I did not foresee it at the time, an astonishingly different world to what I had previously experienced opened up before me.


My faith in Jesus'resurrection

ImageVolume 18, Issue 6 

What did you think of the news release which purported that the bones of Jesus had been found? Not only that; there was the added claim that the excavated stone receptacle involved had once held the bones of Mary Magdalene and of their supposed son, too!

What Jesus did for you

Volume 18, Issue 5

I must confess that I’m not a great devotee of TV’s current affairs programs. Apart from their apparent preference for sensational items, I find them focussed in general on what is wrong with our society rather than what is right with it. Having said that, I did recently encounter a session that was a real gem – both positive and inspiring – and I’m grateful that I chanced upon it.