Lessons I'm trying to learn

Lessons I'm trying to learn

Volume 17, Issue 18 

The lessons I have learned and am still learning about myself and other people during my struggle with cancer have been quite prolific. And so many of them have surprised me. Please God, in the long run, I will emerge from them a wiser, more complete person. How is that likely to happen? In the end, I guess it will be up to me to make purposeful use of all that is happening to me, even the negative aspects of serious illness.

Flood of love

Volume 17, Issue 17 

Since I chose to share with you my current challenge with cancer, and since I have sought your prayerful support in that unexpected endeavour, I believe that you very much deserve a progress report.

Well, putting first things first, at least as I see them, it has been your prayerful responses and those of countless other caring people that have been truly unbelievable. Closely associated with this ready outpouring of spiritual support have been the unsought personal contacts, the telephone calls, letters and cards.

The wonder of the world

A young couple.Volume 17, Issue 16 

Not so long ago, a couple approached me to enquire whether they would be permitted to marry in the Catholic Church. He was a committed member of the Faithful, she a committed atheist. Would that constitute a barrier to such a ceremony, they wondered?

Accepting Jesus' hand of friendship

Volume 17, Issue 15

Jesus said many beautiful things when he strode the roads of this earth of ours. I guess that that is hardly surprising seeing what a beautiful person he was, to say nothing of his being God into the bargain. Some recent events in my life brought to mind one of those beautiful sayings, and I hasten to share it with you. It occurred late in his public ministry, when he looked lovingly on those who had chosen to throw in their lot with him and to share the Good News that he had come to announce to the people of this world.

Facing my own mortality

Volume 17, Issue 14 

I had not been feeling well for quite some time. My internal workings were constantly out of order, but true to my identification with the male of the species, I somehow imagined that things would right themselves. Eventually my situation reached crisis point, and I decided that I could not simply put up with the pain and discomfort any longer.


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