Lockdown #2—What now? Lockdown #2—What now?

Lockdown #2—What now?

Wednesday 29 July 2020

Proclaim: Office for Mission Renewal  
In an uncertain COVID-19 world our parishes are vital sources of guidance, encouragement and love. We can help by being present, by sharing information that is based in hope and by providing a constant community for people to connect with. This is the fourth in a series of articles responding to COVID-19 and the challenges and opportunities it presents to our parishes. 

Home in hard places: St Ignatius Loyola

Wednesday 29 July 2020

Andrew Hamilton 
St Ignatius spent much of his life drawing people beyond trivial pursuits and became at home in hard places. He had to convalesce after being wounded in battle. He begged his way around Spain, slept rough, had constant run-ins with authorities suspicious of his faith and morals, and faced every obstacle in placing himself and his friends at the disposal of the Pope. If resilience is a quality highly to be prized—as is widely proclaimed in this year of coronavirus—Ignatius had it in spades. It came from his conviction that God loved him and was calling him into service, and that the map of the future would be written in the successes, the failures, the lights and the unnoticed shadows of his life. In a world marked by bitter conflicts, by people wanting unconditional commitment to narrow causes, by war and plague and troubled conscience, he listened to people and led them to focus on what really matters. 

There is need of only one thing: St Martha of Bethany

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Communications Office
It’s a well-known gospel story: Jesus visits the house of three siblings: Martha, Mary and Lazarus. Jesus and his followers sit, and Jesus speaks. Mary sits at Jesus’ feet to listen to him while Martha attends to the needs of her guests until her patience runs out, and Martha calls on Jesus to direct Mary to help her. Jesus chides Martha and tells her that Mary has made the right choice, that instead of being worried and distracted by many things, ‘there is need of only one thing.’  

Book review: Nine Days to Welcome Peace

Wednesday 22 July 2020

Jennifer Nowell

One of the books I have most frequently recommended to customers looking for a spiritual book is Fr Jacques Philippe’s Searching for and Maintaining Peace. Fr Philippe has written a lot of books since then, all of them worthwhile, but this one seems to have something special that appeals to nearly everyone.