‘This is the day the Lord has made.
Let us rejoice and be glad.’

Psalm 117:24 

He is Risen, Alleluia!



As Archbishop Peter reminded us in his Easter Sunday message, it was Mary Magdalene who first saw the risen Jesus. It was Mary who first recognised him and was the first to be named and sent by him. "Mary rightly is the first apostle, the one called and sent to proclaim Jesus Christ, risen from the dead," Archbishop Peter says. "Yet, all of this happened quietly, and away from the public gaze that had marked the suffering and death of the world’s Saviour. Jesus did not return to his people in a blaze of publicity; but quietly, gently, personally – he called Mary by name.

"Easter is a word that re-created the world. Christians have not been able to gather physically to participate in the Easter Ceremonies this year. … Yet, that first word Jesus spoke at his resurrection – a name on the lips of God – he is now speaking into this storm that has engulfed us. Overwhelmed, disoriented and fearful as we might feel, a calm, clear and tender voice is calling our name.”

In these strange days of physical isolation, we are consoled by Jesus' resurrection and meeting with Mary – a sure sign of how we might make our way through these days of suffering. While we cannot gather physically as a faith community, we are encouraged to spend time with the Lord in other ways such as personal prayer, studying the Scriptures and participating in Mass online.