Funeral Mass of Fr Francis William O'Loughlin

Funeral Mass of Fr Francis William O'Loughlin

FUNERAL MASS OF FATHER FRANCIS WILLIAM O’LOUGHLIN CELEBRATED BY ARCHBISHOP DENIS HART AT SAINT OLIVER’S CHURCH, PASCOE VALE, ON FRIDAY, 28 OCTOBER 2011 AT 1.30 P.M.INTRODUCTION Dear Brothers and Sisters,Because Jesus is our resurrection and life we come with affection to bury the body of Father Frank O’Loughlin, who died at the Mercy Hospital on Wednesday morning, a day after his 80th birthday and in the 53rd year of his priesthood. Together with the people of Saint Oliver’s Parish where he was Pastor for twelve years and those of Belgrave, Pascoe Vale, Parkville, Springvale and Deepdene...

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